Why is "The Rabid Cows" even a thing?

Three instructors walk into a classroom.  No, seriously.  This is true.  One was a PA/Coroner/Medic, one was a farmer, and one was a computer geek.

The PA/Coroner/Medic is leading a discussion on soft tissue injuries (think cuts, scratches, and bleeding, oh my!), and is teaching the class about animal bites.  The other two are being distractions... I mean, they were distracted.  Then... and we still aren't sure how... the topic of being bitten by a cow with rabies comes up.  

The computer geek says "we should make a website about rabid cows" - and the farmer dares him to do it.  Never one to back down from a challenge, the computer geek obliges, and the farmer and computer geek are now the proud owners of this website.  

But what good is a ridiculous website if it's not ridiculous.  So... the first comic was drawn (yes, on a yellow legal pad), was scanned, colorized... and, well... the rest is history.

What's our plan for the storyline?  Well, hell if either of us know... But, no matter where it goes, we're glad you're along for the ride!